Kids rewrite movie scripts. Famous actors read them. Truly hilarious.

Oh, Jimmy Fallon. You bring us so many good laughs.

The latest from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon is ‘Kid Theatre’ – a segment with scripts written by kids. Already, we know it’s going to be GENIUS.

The latest episode stars actor Michael Keaton, who has recently been Oscar-nominated for his role in Birdman, a film about a washed-up actor. But the kids who were asked to write the scenes were not given any information, except for the title ‘Birdman’.

An episode so funny, even Jimmy was LOLing.

Keaton and Fallon then read the kids’ scripts out, and what they came up with is nothing short of hilarious.

Quick breakdown:

1.30: Playwright = Connor, age 7. The moment Michael Keaton says “touch my beak” will exercise your ab muscles.

3.40: Playwright = John, age 7. It’s surprisingly deep. And hysterical. And Jimmy ends up with laugh-tears.

5.55: Playwright = Duncan, age 6. This script has undertones of feminism, and overtones of hilariousness.

Have a look.