Biggest Loser trainer quits the show, citing "creative differences".

Jillian “Tough Love, Tough Abs” Michaels has quit the American version of The Biggest Loser. Again.

By our count, this is the third time Michaels has quit the show – citing “creative differences” with the show’s producers.

This time, she’s complained about the way she’s edited to appear mean.

“Millions of people have this warped negative perception of me,” she told People magazine.

“For ‘Loser’ in the States, they just made me look like a crazy person in the gym and it’s not who I am. Yes I am, but there’s a good reason and there’s a method behind my madness. I just started to feel limited by the portrayal.”

Michaels has chosen not to elaborate on what she says are “fundamental differences that have existed for a while,” but there’s speculation that she was upset by what happened with drastically underweight contestant Rachel Frederickson.

If you remember, Frederickson appeared on the show last year. When ‘Loser’ has finished filming, she continued to diet and got down to a skeletal 47kg. Jillian Michaels appeared genuinely floored when she saw the transformation, later commenting that she was distressed by it.

Here’s Rachel, standing next to an image of her before she started on the show.

And here’s what Jillian Michaels looked like when she saw how skinny Rachel had become:

Could that be why Jillian Michaels has quit The Biggest Loser? Because it pushes its formerly overweight contestants too far the other way?

Or could it Contract Negotiation O’Clock for Jillian right now?

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