The Duggars just had another baby.

The only family bigger than the Kardashians just got bigger.

Twenty-three-year-old Jill Dillard (formerly Duggar), one of millions of children in the Duggar family, has given birth to her first child after a very long, very overdue pregnancy.

The baby, a boy named Israel, was born in a hospital almost two weeks after the due date.

Look. Here’s the happy family.

That’s Jill’s husband Derick, 25, on the left. And Jill, wearing the ‘Jill’ headband.

Derick, Jill and Israel. Looks like Derek missed the memo on ‘wear a piece of clothing with your name on it’.  Image via Instagram.

The 19 Kids and Counting star has planned to give birth at home (a decision that had been the subject of some controversy from experts who accused the 23-year-old of “casually risking her son’s life” by doing so) with a midwife and 25-year-old husband Derick as her coach. .

But from the looks of the photo, Jill gave birth to her son at a hospital after all.

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Baby Israel. Image via Instagram.

But even though Jill ended up giving birth in a hospital, she still had cameras on hand to film the arrival, which will be broadcast on an upcoming episode of 19 Kids and Counting…

Get the popcorn ready.

Click through the gallery below of the couple.