Jill Duggar posts an innocent photo of her son. Immediately get accused of bad parenting.

The Duggar family are under fire yet again after Jill and Derick Dillard apparently failed to baby proof their house properly.

The “scandal” broke after Derick shared an Instagram photo of their baby son Israel, who was born in April.

Image via Instagram @jillmdillard.

In the cute photo, little Israel is pictured sitting on blanket, surrounded by Christmas presents.

The problem? There is a power outlet behind him, which some Instagram users noted was not fitted with safety covers to prevent electrocution.

Some followers rushed to point out the error, with steph.huffman posting, "Kids DIED before parents started baby proofing by covering outlets. They were electrocuted. There's a reason they're so important, and that reason is safety...They could easily get outlet covers to fit their outlets, regardless of their location."

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Video via TLC

However, others were quick to defend the new parents, with dalesgirl88 writing, "People get a grip! Growing up we never had covers on outlets, we were told don't touch and we didn't. No parent is perfect. The baby is happy and healthy and loved, leave these poor people alone."

While baby proofing your house is definitely important, a lack of safety covers certainly doesn't make someone a bad mother, right?

Image via Instagram @derickdillard.

We're sure Jill and Derick are devoted parents - and the last thing they need is a bunch of keyboard warriors judging their every move.

Did you baby proof your house when you had babies?

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