Jesinta Campbell: "I'm looking forward to waving 2015 goodbye."

Jesinta Campbell has spoken about her challenging year on the Today Show.

Jesinta Campbell says she is “looking forward to waving 2015 goodbye” following a tumultuous few months in the media after her boyfriend and AFL star Buddy Franklin went public with his mental health battle.

Speaking with Today Show news reporter Peter Stefanovic this morning, Campbell talked about her relationship with Lance ‘Buddy’ Franklin, and how she had dealt with the pressure this year.

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Video via Channel 9

“I’ve learnt I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was,” Campbell told Stefanovic.

“I have an inner strength.”

She credits her work for keeping herself strong during the media scrutiny after Buddy went public with his mental health in September.

According to Jesinta, he is now “training the house down” and will be back on the field in 2016.

“We are just two people in love trying to do the best we can.”

Lance and Jesinta:

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