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A new TV show and epic feuds: What MAFS 2019 most controversial contestants are up to now.


Ah, MAFS. We sort of… miss you?

Now that 2020’s season is done and dusted, and ended in just as much carnage as we could imagine, we’ve been thinking about the past.

It was a simpler time, when a woman named Cyrell threw fruit bowls on TV and couple swaps or cheating was… acknowledged by all involved, and not denied, *cough* Stacey and Mikey *cough*.

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Yes, while we’ve got to know new people willing to go on Australia’s least successful but most dramatic TV show this year, last year’s contestants have been busy living their own lives. Some couples are still going strong, like Martha and Michael and Jules and Cam, but for the purpose of this story we don’t want going strong. We want drama and feuds, pls.

Which means we need to look at Jessika Power, Ines Basic and Cyrell Paule – probably the show’s most controversial contestants ever (Sorry Michael, you tried). Here’s what this holy trinity of Insta collabs and feuds have been up to lately.


Jessika Power.

Jessika Power debuted her relationship with boyfriend James Brown on Instagram in March, and it sounds pretty serious.


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????????….adventures with you #beforeiso #staysafe

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The pair have known each other for years, but only started dating recently.

“Jamie and I have actually had the conversation, we’re trying to for kids soon,” the 28-year-old told Daily Mail Australia this week.


James, 35, already has a son who Jess said she enjoys being stepmother too.

“I’m definitely his stepmum, we’re full time now and I look after him a lot,” she said.

But, as wholesome as that sounds, there’s still a wee bit of Married At First Sight-related scandal in Jess’ life… and it involves Stacey Hampton.

During this year’s MAFS season, Jessika was making recap videos for New Idea and Who magazine, during which she made it pretty clear she wasn’t a fan on Stacey.

Stacey’s lawyer then sent a cease and desist letter to Jessika, who has 28 days to apologise and remove any content that mentions Stacey, who said in an Instagram Live her lawyers were “ready to go”.

But Jessika doesn’t seem to be too worried about any legal ramifications, posting this to her Instagram story on Thursday:

jessika power stacey hampton
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So, the drama continues and we are forever thankful.

Ines Basic.

Ines Basic has kept a relatively low profile since her MAFS appearance, which saw her labelled a major villain.


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You ever sit thru a lecture and leave with a mashed potato brain? Same

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But on Thursday, Ines said she was willing to give reality TV another shot and was actually lined up to take part in a show in New Zealand before the coronavirus pandemic.

"I actually got asked to film another TV show there, and the reason I said yes was because it was in New Zealand and I've always wanted to go there," she said in response to a question on her Instagram story.

"However, I don't know what happened with the cast. That fell apart.

"Production would've started now, so I don't think it would've went ahead anyway because filming would start now and we're in lockdown."

She didn't name the show, but hopefully the Kiwis push on with it after their lockdown.

Ines, 30, has been open about how her appearance on MAFS came at the cost of her mental health, after she was trolled and bullied online.

"During the filming of MAFS and right after filming finished, I was not in the right headspace to talk about my mental health and I wasn’t in a good place," the reality TV star told the Daily Telegraph in March.

"I wasn't well during and after [the show], I think that was obvious but it got even worse last July. That's when it was the most brutal time for me and I was diagnosed with complex PTSD. Very scary but I am doing better. It was 110 per cent caused from the show. Nothing normal about the conditions on those sets or what [they] do to you," she said.


Cyrell Paule.

In February Cyrell Paule and on-again boyfriend former Love Island star Eden Dally welcomed a baby boy Boston.


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When u finally agree on a name ???????????? #ourlittleprince

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In March the couple celebrated their one year anniversary, both sharing messages to Instagram.


"Happy 1 year beautiful, thanks for blessing me with the most amazing little man in the world and always having my back no matter what. We have had our ups and downs but always end up happier and stronger, love you," Eden wrote.

Cyrell said they had made it "against the odds".

"If there was anyone else I would pick to go through all this with, I would always pick you. Happy one year babe. You and our son are the greatest gift, I was blessed with. And I love you both as much as u love BBQ sauce on everything."

The couple reconciled in December after a brief breakup in October.

In January, Cyrell admitted they were having trouble settling on a name for their son.

"I want a unique name, Eden wants a fighter's name… all in all we’d be happy as long as it’s not a pets name," she said.

At first the couple were quiet on the birth of their son, as they had an exclusive deal with New Idea, telling fans via the publication that they were "already obsessed" with their boy, who they claimed takes after his father because he "doesn’t have a loud mouth".

Cyrell is already adamant she won’t be having another child, telling New Idea she will "definitely never be going through that again. It was so bad."

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