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The "cuddling" photo that has us asking questions about this year's MAFS contestants.

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Well, well, well.

It turns out the TV has been lying to us, or at the very least NOT TELLING US ALL THE THINGS.

You see, two of the contestants on Married At First Sight already know each other and have “cuddled” in the past.

On Tuesday night’s episode, contestants Jessika Power and Dino Hira married different people. However, after a lil’ scroll through Dino’s Instagram we discovered the pair had actually met before and had a bit of a “cuddle”.

It seems the 26-year-old part-time model and the 35-year-old meditation teacher worked on an advertising campaign together two years ago.

In November 2017, Dino shared a photo of the pair on Instagram, which was taken during a photoshoot for the prescription glasses company, Speqs.


“How cool! Tried out so many pairs of prescription specs and sunnies without even stepping into an optometrist while at a photo shoot,” he captioned the photo.

A month later, he shared another photo from the shoot and the reality TV stars both follow each other Instagram.

While this doesn’t mean they’re definitely going to chuck a Dean and Davina, it does mean they… could.

It also means that things could become very interesting at the first group dinner party.

We can’t bloody wait.

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