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Jessika shares what we haven't seen about Nic on Married at First Sight.

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Jessika Power’s advance on Cyrell Paule’s “husband” Nic Jovanovic at the Married At First Sight dinner party appeared to be very uncalled for.

The Newcastle electrician bluntly rejected the Perth part-time model’s advances, telling her: “I’m married… I don’t want to do this. I don’t want to talk about this because it’s not right.”

But while we were shown this one-sided exchange on Wednesday night, Jessika has since said that the circumstances surrounding it have been “misconstrued.”

The 26-year-old hinted to Talking Married that Nic – who was accused of flirtatiously rubbing Jessika’s leg at the previous dinner party – had shown interest in her, too.

“The thing with Nic, throughout the experiment we were really close, we would have flirty banter, it was childish,” she said.

“It’s been really misconstrued. Nic gave me a different idea than he gives the viewers.

jessika mafs
Jessika hit on Nic, then Dan at the dinner party. Image: Nine.

That version of events is backed up by an anonymous source, who told the Daily Mail they know exactly what went down on set.


They said the producers encouraged Jessika to chat to Nic to explore a flirtation that had been building between them.

"There was always flirty banter between them and they'd have lots of private chats, with Nic often joking he'd swap Cyrell for Jessika," the source said.

However, when Nic sat down, the insider claimed he put on an innocent act, effectively throwing Jessika "under the bus".

The source also claimed that Nic made a "sexual gesture" towards Jessika as he was walking away.

Fellow contestant Martha Kalifatidis has also suggested that Nic was an active participant in the flirting, telling Kyle and Jackie O that Cyrell has good reason to be insecure.

"Yeah, she does. I’m not going to lie — Nic isn’t what you think he is," she said.

As we could imagine, Jessika told Talking Married she regretted pulling Nic aside.

"I wish I didn’t drag Nic out of a dinner party, because it’s now been blown up to look like I wanted to be with him, or I liked him, but when you’re in this bubble of this experiment you act differently, you don’t react how you normally would, you don’t say things how you normally would," she said.

"There’s no way in the normal world I would be like that."

Defending her actions further to 9Now, she said she didn't even have feelings for Nic, offering up a slightly different denial.

"It was just like two mates having a bit of a flirty banter and also having a joke," she said.

"I drew him out of that dinner party because I just saw him struggling with Cyrell and I just wanted to reiterate to him 'You are a great guy you've got so many good qualities'.

"I never had those feelings towards him. I could never see myself dating him."

As for Tamara Joy's "husband" Dan Webb though, who Jessika also flirted with, she has no regrets.

"You don’t want to hurt other people's feelings but at the same time you've come into this experiment looking for love," she told 9Now.

"Mine and Mick's relationship wasn't working. The trust was gone, and it did give me the sort of push to speak to him.

"I couldn't let it go. I couldn't go home thinking what if."