Jessica Simpson's mum slammed for sharing 'inappropriate' photos of her sons-in-law.

Apparently, Jessica Simpson’s mum Tina gets along well with her two sons-in-law. Very well, in fact….

The 56-year-old recently posted Instagram photos of herself posing cosily with her daughters’ husbands – and some have labelled the snaps “inappropriate”.

Image via Instagram @tinersimpson.

The above photo is of Tina and Jessica's husband Eric Johnson, 36, and it shows the pair lying together with their legs splayed.

The second is with Ashlee's husband Evan Ross, 27, and shows Tina giving Ross a peck on the cheek and holding his hand.

Image via Instagram @tinersimpson.

The photos were shared on January 18 - Tina's 56th birthday.

While it's nice to see mothers and sons-in-law getting along famously, some of Simpson's followers were quick to criticise.

mariehope874 posted "Totally inappropriate mama Tina", kingixolib questioned "The family that spread eagles together, stays together???" while mgconnolly15 wrote "That's really creepy, hillbilly type sh*t. Yikes."

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In a world where the in-law relationship can be fraught at times, it's sad to see people so quick to judge what must be a loving and happy family, if these photos are anything to go by.

Do you think there's anything wrong with Tina's photos? 

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