FLUFF: Jessica Simpson turns Instagram into her own family album.

When you’re mega-famous, sharing a single baby photo on Instagram can make news around the world.

Jessica Simpson, that singer who became famous in the early 2000s for singing in tiny denim shorts and never really left, just shared a series of baby photos. She pretty much made Instagram her own personal family album.

Here’s one of the first (if not the first?) photos of Mama Jess with a friends baby, Wyatt. So small:

Here’s Jessica‘s son with husband Eric. His name is Ace, and as that suggests, he is ace.

Here’s Ace and a small buddy getting really fixated on a pillow of some kind. It’s covered in sequins and shag, what could possibly be better?

Here’s Ace with his dad, Jessica’s new husband Eric.

Here’s her daughter, Max.

It’s rather sweet to see Jessica Simpson get all Family on us.

These latest baby photos are very different to the ones we’re used to…

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