The Jessica Simpson video everyone's talking about today.

Well, this is awkward.

Jessica Simpson made her debut appearance on the US Home Shopping Network on Thursday night.

She was supposed to be there to promote her clothes and accessories, but instead she started rather bizarrely giggling and slurring on-air.

Her behaviour (and rambling about the many perks of wearing grey jeans) left viewers wondering…

Was the pop-star-turned-fashion-mogul drunk on live television?

Jess, please explain. Screenshot: Home Shopping Network

Simpson’s mother Tina also made a surprise appearance on the show, undoubtedly cementing the episode as the most eventful (and baffling) in shopping network history.

Simpson’s slight swaying and, err, peculiar comments like  “there’s something about… a grey that’s like… sexy” did not go unnoticed by viewers, many of whom took to Twitter to analyse her odd behaviour.

Watch the video for yourself here (post continues after video):

TMZ reports that ‘sources’ say the footage just part of her personality that surfaces sometimes, and that ‘an HSN source’ also says she was not drunk.


But Jessica herself has not yet commented on the claims.

Notably, this isn’t the first time Simpson has given an unusual interview.

In March she gave a bizarre interview to Extra at the 2015 Teen Vogue Fashion University event in New York, in which she rambled about lipgloss, dad shirts, and how she’s “getting into a lot of… other… fun… things”.

Riiiiiiight, then.

What did you think of the appearance?

Some of the many, many photos from Jessica Simpson’s Instagram:

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