Jessica Rudd. A chat on the floor (video)

Jess Rudd’s new book

Until a few weeks ago, all I knew of Jessica Rudd is what I saw on TV. Her on election night in 07, standing on stage as her father made his victory speech as Prime Minister. Her on June 24, standing in front of the media as her father made his farewell speech as Prime Minister. And a few times in between with her family.

I had vague knowledge of her being married. I thought she was about 30 but in fact she’s 26. But there’s something about her demeanor that makes her SEEM older and I mean that as a compliment. She seems grounded. Solid. Very self-posessed. And all that from seeing her on TV for a few minutes over a few years.

Now, she’s written a book called Campaign Ruby that’s getting rave reviews. I’m about to start reading it and the timing is perfect because it’s about an election campaign – one that happens when a female deputy challenges a sitting Prime Minister.

I. Know.

Jessica Rudd’s Dad

And so does Jess, obviously. She wrote this book well before fiction turned into fact but I can’t imagine doing media interviews about it has been particularly easy. Jess and I were introduced by a mutual acquaintance and originally, we were going to get together when she was in Sydney yesterday just for an informal tea.

But I had my camera with me so I asked if we could do a quick interview in her hotel. About her book, her Dad, June 24, her Mum, writing, truth being stranger (and crueller) than fiction and her ‘other’ life in Beijing…..

In this bit, Jessica and I talk about….the process of writing Campaign Ruby and how we write very differently….

…and here,…..her relationship with her wonderful Mum, Therese (who might be looking for a certain hot leather jacket about now)……

You can buy Campaign Ruby at any bookstore or online here….

And Jessica has promised to stop buy and read your comments and answer some questions…..