Celeb in 5: Friday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. Jessica Rowe’s farewell on Studio 10 was enough to make anyone cry.

Well! Jessica Rowe’s exit from Studio 10 this morning was quite the tear-jerker.

In her final show on Friday morning, Rowe was joined by husband Peter Overton and their two daughters, Allegra and Giselle.

“She’s a beautiful mother and a beautiful wife,” Overton said of his wife.

“When we’re out and about as a family, people will always come up to Jessica and thank her for being so honest about telling her story, and her advocacy for mental health and mental illness.

“Everyday I admire that, it’s so important…I’m mighty proud of her, we’re glad to be having her home.”

As Rowe teared up, daughter Giselle told her, rather wonderfully, there was no need for tears.

“You shouldn’t be crying!” she said, though at this point, it was far too late.

2. Why Kate and Wills’ baby numero three will get a fancy-sounding title, but still be considered a commoner.

Kate and Will's third child according to the bookies

Ah, but of course. It's that time where a royal baby is upon us, and the world starts talking about exactly how we will refer to the tiny child.

According to Town and Country, Kate and Wills' third baby will have a spectacularly fancy name, because royal.

The luxury magazine reports Prince William and Kate's new baby will be known as His Royal Highness Prince Trevor (well, not actually Trevor, but it sounds nice) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, or Her Royal Highness Princess Daria (ahem) of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Oh, and while we're here, did you know baby Trevor/Daria will, fancy title aside, technically be a commoner?

In the UK, the only people who are not commoners are the ones with Duke, Marquess, Earl, Viscount, and Baron in their titles.

Little Trevor. Just like you or I.

3. A Bachelor star reportedly has her eye on Married At First Sight's Telv. (Anyone else exhausted yet?)


Apparently, this is what happens when all the Married at First Sight contestants run out of other Married at First Sight contestants to date.

It would appear - at least, according to The Daily Mail - MAFS' Telv has caught the eye of a former Bachelor contestant.

The news outlet reports former reality star Zilda Williams has been 'liking' a series of Telv's social media photos, after telling the publication earlier in the week she had recently split from boyfriend Keith Frazer.

As we know, going deep on someone's Instagram and liking a whole bunch of random photos means they're definitely dating, likely engaged and probably having a baby together. Congratulations to them both.

4. How Beyonce is ensuring the public doesn't find out who bit her on the face.

someone bit beyonce
Image via Getty.

A silly headline to lead us in, but an accurate one nonetheless.

Yes, according to Tiffany Haddish - also known as the woman who told GQ about the Beyonce biting saga - she's not actually allowed to tell who WHO BIT BEYONCE because she's signed a bloody NDA.


“You wanna know who bit Beyoncé? I’m gonna just tell you all. And it’s the last time I’m talking about it. I ain’t going to say nothing else about it. People should be focusing on the real issues at hand, like did you do your taxes? Because taxes is due real soon. Can your children read and write? Have you been working with them on their reading and their writing? Is your house clean? That’s what we need to be focusing on. But y’all wanna know … everybody’s going crazy about who bit Beyoncé.”

She went on to explain why she'll never divulge the information:

“NDAs are real, so I’m not saying shit about nothing.


5. Bachelor stars are celebrating Good Friday the only way Bachelor stars know how.

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We don’t need to inform you it’s Good Friday – AKA the single day of the year when it is mandated that you remain in your pyjamas and scoff down copious hot cross buns. (We're disappointed if you’re not covered in a light dusting of crumbs as you read this.)

What you might not know about this sacred lazy day, though, is that the Easter long weekend looks a little different for our beloved reality TV stars.

You see, for the people who have snogged a stranger’s face on national telly in recent history, or submitted themselves to a ‘first impressions’ breakdance, Good Friday looks… a little different. And by that I mean it’s more… abs-y. More… naked-y. Less I-need-to-unbutton-my-jeans-immediately-y.

We're impressed that not only did our Bachelor alums give up sweet treats for Lent, but also nobly sacrificed their wardrobes.

Because… well… we're not sure why.

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