Jessica Rowe doesn't want to say goodbye to her glorious holiday hair.

Image: Instagram (@jessjrowe).

For most people, it’s Christmas and days spent at the beach that are the highlights of time off work, but for Jessica Rowe it’s also about her “holiday hair”.

As soon as clocked off from her Studio 10 hosting duties three weeks ago, Rowe was straight to the salon to turn her blonde pixie ‘do candy pink.

“Holiday hair! Love you @shaunleesalon”, she captioned the photo shared on Instagram, looking more excited than we thought possible after a haircut.

"Holiday hair!" Image: Instagram (jessjrowe)

But now with just days left before it's all over, Rowe is not ready to say goodbye. Her husband Pete Overton on the other hand? Let's just say he's also counting down the days...

"Only nine days of holiday hair left! Husband counting down the sleeps...," she wrote on Instagram this week, with a close up of the slightly faded colour.

Image: Instagram (@jessjrowe)

While for us, "holiday hair" is generally an excuse to just skip the brushing and rock sea-salty hair, Rowe may very well be on to something.

We get just a few weeks off a year where we don't have to conform to "professional" aesthetic standards, so why not make the most of it and do something a little crazy while you're out of the office?

(Watch: Be inspired by Jessica Rowe's incredible resilience. Post continues after video.)


Proving that she's a lot braver than us, it's actually not the first time Rowe has gone for a pastel head of hair -  the holidays have given her the perfect opportunity to return to the colour she first tried in 2014.

Debuting the change live on Studio 10 (with her executive producer's approval) it was "just for a laugh" she told The Glow at the time.

"I just did it for fun, a bit of a laugh. For many years as a news presenter I had to look conservative, and now I can have a bit of a change. I’m 44, I’m in a good place. Or maybe I’m having a mid-life crisis," she joked. (Post continues after gallery.)

While the initial colour was a little more purple-y than the current one, there's one thing that's remained constant - Overton's lack of enthusiasm.

"When he saw me at home he said, ‘Nooooo. Why did you do that?, My daughter Giselle, who’s five, said, ‘It’s fun Daddy, it’s fun. That’s why!’ My kids love it, but Pete is still coming around – he says he’s ‘just not mad about it," she said.

We've all had those urges to do something a little out there with our hair - so maybe next holidays will be the time we'll take follow Rowe's lead and finally give it a go.

What would your "holiday hair" look like?