7 times Studio 10's Jessica Rowe was the funniest mum on Instagram.

Jessica Rowe is many things: journalist, TV presenter, speaker, author, survivor of postnatal depression, mother. But the co-host of Channel 10’s morning show Studio 10 also happens to be one of the most authentic Instagram users out there.

Let’s be frank, sometimes Instagram is just a leeeetle bit too perfect. But, at The Motherish, we love an authentic voice and we really love a mum with a sense of humour.

That’s why we think Jess is a huge breath of fresh air on the picture-perfect social media channel – because she shares everyday moments from real life.

Like the time she wore pyjamas to pick her daughters up from school.

‘Oh Mum you’re SO embarassing!’ … #pjs #schoolpickup #craphousewife

A photo posted by Jessica Rowe (@jessjrowe) on

And the time she had a laundry showdown, and used Instagram to take pot shots at (we speculate) her husband Peter Overton. (We speculate not to malign Peter, but because our husbands also deserve laundry-based pot shots on occasion.)

I’m having a laundry basket showdown… Who will blink first- and take it upstairs?? #craphousewife A photo posted by Jessica Rowe (@jessjrowe) on


Then there’s the other time she wore pyjamas for the school pick up.

Mum you’re sooooo embarrassing… #Pjpickup #craphousewife

A photo posted by Jessica Rowe (@jessjrowe) on

And the time she had to do the school pick up halfway through a hair appointment.


This leads us to the hashtag #craphousewife – exhibit A…

Today is Tuesday… Tuesday is sausages… #smokealarm #burnt #craphousewife

A photo posted by Jessica Rowe (@jessjrowe) on

Exhibit B…

Ummm trying to make icing for Allegra’s 9th birthday cake!! Icing sugar explosion… #craphousewife A photo posted by Jessica Rowe (@jessjrowe) on


And exhibit C…

Today is Wednesday… Wednesday is ummmmm?? Butter chicken!! #craphousewife

A photo posted by Jessica Rowe (@jessjrowe) on

Jess, on behalf of mums everywhere, we just wanted to say thanks. Thanks for sharing your real life moments, and for helping us all feel better about ourselves. (Thanks also for making it socially acceptable to pick your kids up in pyjamas.)

What’s your best #craphousewife moment?

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