Everyone wants to get their hands on Jessica Rowe's couch accessory.

If you’re looking for quirky gift ideas, look no further than Jessica Rowe‘s Instagram.

After introducing us to unicorn snot the other week (yes, it’s a real thing) she’s sent her followers into a frenzy with her latest snap.

When the day calls for a mermaid tail and a piece of cake! #craphousewifecrashes

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“When the day calls for a mermaid tail and a piece of cake! #craphousewifecrashes,” she captioned the photo.

Forget the snuggie, the mermaid blanket is the couch accessory you need in your life.

Colourful, cozy AND looks good in an Insta shot? Netflix and Chill just ramped up a notch. (Post continues after gallery.)

Rowe was inundated with questions about where the blanket came from.

“I have been wanting one of these so badly,” wrote one commenter, while another added, “where did you get this from? My girls would love this! They’re obsessed with mermaids.”

Uh huh, this will be one thing both adults AND kids will be fighting over.

Rowe’s turquoise mermaid tail is from Ariel Blankets, a US brand that also donates a share of the price to Greenpeace.

Available in a range of colours, they retail for $131.49. (Post continues after audio.)

If you’re after a slightly cheaper option, BooHoo also have a collection in various pastel colours for $50.

A night on the couch never looked so stylish.

Image: Instagram/@jessjrowe.