Jessica Rowe was hypnotised on live TV - and she was sure her belly button was gone.

Well, that was weird.

Jessica Rowe looked like she’d had a few sherberts before work this morning.

In actual fact, she’s apparently really susceptible to hypnotism, which is why she believed she was in a kangaroo race — and that Joe Hildebrand had made off with her belly button.

“Have you seen my belly button? Joe! What have you done with my belly button?” Rowe screamed. “I need it! Where’s my belly button?”

Seriously, she did. Watch… Post continues after video.

It turns out that the hypnotist, Isaac Lomman, can just approach people, click his fingers and make them do really embarrassing stuff. I am extremely dubious. And even if he does possess this power, he should probably use it more productively, no?

Rowe maintains the whole thing was legit, though.

“I could hear everything Isaac the hypnotist was saying, was aware of my surroundings but was in the moment, without having any inhibitions! Some people have said it was all put on, and to that I say nonsense!

“[I’m] not reluctant at all! I’m always willing and able to give something a crack — even if I embarrass my husband and daughters!”