Jessica Rowe finally shares the real impact of Eddie McGuire's words.

In the past few years, the public has watched Jessica Rowe moved from strength to strength.

She has once again cemented herself in the family home with the ongoing success of Studio 10, and her humorous take on being a “crap house wife” has lauded the support of thousands of women.

But the TV presenter has still felt the clouds of controversy following the incredibly public ousting she faced from Channel 9.

It was in 2006, when the then boss of Channel 9, Eddie McGuire, successfully pushed the 46-year-old out of her news presenting role via a series of backdoor meetings.

The now infamous saying, McGuire said they were going to “bone” her out of the network. Rowe not only faced the knowledge of the incredibly sexist discussions but her career being thrust into the public limelight.

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Rowe reclaimed her voice earlier this year when she gave a blistering speech on McGuire’s “jokes”, in regards to Caroline Wilson.

“It wasn’t something I planned to do or thought about doing,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

“But was emboldened me after I’d done that was the number of people who knew me, and others who didn’t, who either emailed me or messaged or stopped me in the street and said, ‘That was so good because we all have had moments in our lives where we felt like we can’t speak up, or we can’t say what is wrong, or get the chance to take that power back.’

“So for me, it was just wonderful to go ‘right, this is me’ and for a lot of people, women especially, they felt it could have been them, too.”


In her speech on Studio 10, Rowe rebutted that McGuire’s statements were just “jokes”, but incredibly insulting to herself, and the others at the expense of his comments.

“Let’s remember this is a man with a track record in saying inappropriate things,” she began.

“[He said them] about me, which he denies saying, he’s also said inappropriate things about Adam Goodes, and now he is with a bunch of other boofy blokes making light of holding a woman under water.

Jess taking down Eddie McGuire on Studio 10.

"Yes, it was a joke. But the thing is, there's nothing funny about that. And, I think it is time people call him out.

"He is someone who I think is a protected species...he can constantly say these sorts of inappropriate things and then say it was only a joke."

She ended her speech calling on McGuire to donate $50,000 to a charity helping survivors of domestic violence, which was the amount he wanted to drown Wilson for.

Rowe's growth in strength and rise to power, once again, hasn't occurred overnight. It has taken her years to regain her confidence.

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"It's taken a long time to get to this point where I am very lucky professionally and personally where I really don't care. This is me and if you don't like it, well off you go, politely."

All we can say is: You go, Jess. We always have and will adore you.