"Why do I feel I have to justify my size to a stranger?" Jessica Rowe hits back at skinny shamers.

This year has seen plenty of celebrities, including Kelly Clarkson, Pink and Fiona Falkiner, call out fat shaming. Now, Jessica Rowe has addressed another equally unacceptable practise — skinny shaming.

In an interview with Caroline Overington in the latest issue of Australian Women’s Weekly, the Studio 10 presenter questioned why we consider it rude to call someone fat, but not to criticise someone for being too thin.

“[More than once I’ve been] lining up at the supermarket checkout when a woman behind me decides to pass judgement — ‘Oh you’re awfully thin, aren’t you. Do you eat?'” she said.

Watch: Jessica Rowe’s resilience is inspirational. (Post continues after video.)

It’s a situation anyone who’s naturally slender will be familiar with, and one that renders Rowe frustratingly silent — even though she’s known for being passionate and outspoken in all areas of her life.

“Why do I feel I have to justify my size to a complete stranger? Why am I so meek, mild and polite to this member of the body police?” she said.


As it is for many women, body acceptance has been a long process for Rowe.

“[I’ve spent] far too much time worrying about my lack of shape. But all the women on Dad’s side of the family are tall, lean and flat-chested,” the 45-year-old told Overington (Post continues after gallery.)

“I like my body. Sure there are things I would love to change. Don’t we all want to suck this in a bit, tighten this up and stick this out? But the older I get, the happier I am.”

That said, there’s one thing Rowe still laments — her lack of boobs.

“[As a teenager] I was desperate to get boobs but I didn’t graduate from a training cotton Berlei until university, and then I was a Double A,” she said.

“I would love to have boobs. But a padded bra and chicken fillets — the type you stuff in your bra, not in the oven — can work magic.”

"When you need more hours in the day!! Juggling school pick ups and hair!!" Image: Instagram/Jessicajrowe


While we love Rowe's positivity, she raises an excellent point: why are we so quick to comment and judge other people's bodies no matter what size or shape they are?

All bodies are beautiful, and self confidence? That's the most attractive feature of all.

How do you encourage body confidence?