FLUFF: Jessica Mauboy just killed it at Eurovision. And of course there were dancing kangaroos.

Jessica Mauboy just did us proud, man.

The 24-year-old singer/delightful human performed for a cool 180 million viewers at the Eurovision song contest in Copenhagen, Denmark. And girl did a spectacular job.

Here’s the ultimate Euro-diva moment captured from the performance. (Scroll down to see the moving-image, video-style version of this moment).

But with Eurovision being Eurovision, there was obviously some weird cultural appropriation to get through first.

Before Jess sauntered on stage, she was introduced by a merry band of dancing surfers, farmers, AFL players, tennis guys… And someone with a kangaroo head. Because AUSTRALIA:

Watch Jess knock it out of that Danish arena here:

Beautiful, no?

Once again The Sapphires actress proves that she may just be Australia’s shiniest talent ever. Nice one, J-Maub.

Here’s her awesome Euro-vision journey so far. Love you, JB:

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