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Jessica Marais and James Stewart put on a united front for their daughter's birthday.

Following their brisk Logies run in, Australia’s former favourite silver screen couple, Jessica Marais, 31, and James Stewart, 40, have reunited for their daughter Scout’s fourth birthday.

The couple spurred rumours of their split last year amid claims they held separate birthday parties for their daughter. Now they have seemed to be able to put their differences aside and united for the sake their Scout’s birthday this year following their split last May after six years together.

Happy Birthday my sweet little Scout… you are all my reasons. Love Dad ❤️❤️❤️

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The Packed To The Rafters favourites shocked fans with their sudden split. However, the former fiancés have always maintained that their daughter is their first priority. A statement release upon their break up labelled the separation as “amicable” with their main focus being the “co-parenting of their daughter.”


Since their separation Jessica has become a siren of Australian screens. Last Sunday she won the TV Week Silver Logie for Best Actress for her role in the TV series Love Child. Recently Marais was cast in an adaptation of The Wrong Girlbased on Zoe Foster-Blake’s best selling book.

As for James, with a new role on Home and Away and a recent Instagram post suggests that he has happily moved on. James is said to be dating another Jessica, Jessica Nook.  

James and Jessica have showed how co-parenting can be done right. We hope that Scout had a great birthday.