Actress Jessica Marais' deepest hopes for her daughter will resonate with mums everywhere.

There are a few things we can all agree we want for our children: happiness, health and love.

Actress Jessica Marais has added to that list with a few life truths she has learned as a result of years in the public eye.

Marais spoke to the Daily Telegraph about what she wants for her four-year-old daughter Scout.

“I just want my daughter to grow up knowing she’s supported, she’s beautiful and that beauty is not just an external thing,” she said.

“I think being one’s true self is beautiful.”

Marais has recently been involved in modelling campaigns for bra-brand Berlei.

The Love Child star told the paper she remained comfortable despite being placed under the scrutiny of cameras.

“I felt completely comfortable in my own skin,” she said.

“But of course there’s an awareness that you’re standing there in your bra and underpants, it’s not a normal thing to be doing.”

Jessica Marais and ex-partner James Stewart. Image via Getty.

It is this natural state of comfort the 31-year-old would like to pass on to her daughter.

Marais is currently raising Scout as a single mum after splitting from former fiancee James Stewart last year.

The two continue to be role models for co-parenting and often post public images of their reunions for Scout's benefit.

jessica marais daughter
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