Married at First Sight bride files restraining order.

This is so far from a fairytale.

This week on Married at First Sight, Roni and Michael decided to call it quits by discussing their relationship like adults and concluding it wasn’t working.

In the US version of the show, they do things differently.

Jessica Castro, 30, has filed a restraining order against Ryan De Nino, 29, after he allegedly threatened to kill her and her family.

Ryan De Nino and Jessica Castro on their wedding day. Photo via A&E.

According to the New York Post, De Nino is facing a litany of charges including menacing, harassment and stalking.


Papers filed by Castro in the Queens Family Court in New York allege De Nino, from Staten Island, said to his Brooklyn-born wife:

“I will break you into fucking pieces. I will break your dad into pieces. I will make your whole family disappear – and your fucking dog-ass sister’s boyfriend.”


Court papers filed by Jessica Castro against her husband, which Ryan De Nino posted on Instagram.

The pair were one of two couples that decided to stay together after the “social experiment” ended.

US Weekly reports that Castro and De Nino appeared together to tape a reunion show in May to give fans an update on their relationship.

During the show, Castro confronted her husband about cheating on her on Valentine’s Day, which apparently caught him off-guard.

According to her complaint, Castro says it was after the show, while he was still wearing his live microphone, that De Nino threatened her.

The couple in happier times. Image via Instagram.

“She’s fucking dead. When I get back to Brooklyn, she’s fucking dead, this girl,” he allegedly said.

The production team for the show heard his words and immediately offered Castro a security detail.

On the weekend, De Nino posted what appeared to be the court documents filed against him to Instagram.

“… Bash me all you want, say whatever it is about me just remember this board don’t break for nada. Why I posted this will be thoroughly explained when the times right. #CheckMate,” he posted.

He’s got a court hearing on July 13.

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