A generation of Aussie teenagers fell in love with Jesse Spencer on Neighbours. This is what his life looks like now.

We feel like we’ve spent the entirety of 2020 looking back on our camera roll at pictures of better, brighter times. And frankly, we’ve run out of content.

So now we’re going full internet stalk-mode of our high school crushes to see what they’re up to now, and top of every Aussie’s list should be (and better bloody be) Jesse Spencer.

Jesse played Susan and Karl’s son, Billy Kennedy, on Neighbours and from the second he strolled onto our screens, we were smitten.

JUST LOOK AT THAT FACE. Image: Neighbours. 

But since he walked away from Ramsay Street, what has Billy- sorry, Jesse, been up to?

Well, firstly he kinda made it big in America.

He was that hot dude in that Mary Kate and Ashley movie.

Yes, if you’re wondering if he broke any hearts outside of Ramsay Street, we’re delighted to report that he was indeed that hot bloke in that Mary Kate and Ashley movie.

Winning London, to be specific.

Jesse played swoon-worthy silver-spoony Lord James Browning Jr. who had a dashing romance with either Mary Kate or Ashley. We’re confused as to who was who in that movie, due to… identicalness. 

You can watch Jesse pretend to be British, here:

Then he appeared as a hot dude doctor in House.

Following his six years playing Billy Kennedy in Neighbours, Jesse Spencer shimmied over to the states to kick-start his US acting career — and the boy landed on his feet.

Jesse was cast as Dr. Robert Chase in the award-winning series House, starring alongside Hugh Laurie who played the titular character. Dr. Chase lasted all of three seasons before House fired him, but he was re-hired in season six — making him the longest-serving member of House’s staff. 


Unlike his stint in Winning London where Jesse had to play a plummy British boy, in House, he played an Australian-Czech doctor so he was able to let his natural Aussie accent shine. 

Can I see the doctor please? Image: House.

Fam fact: All of Jesse’s three siblings are medical professionals, so he probably got some handy advice for this role from them. His brothers Tarney Spencer and Luke Spencer are an oculoplastic surgeon and an orthopedic surgeon, and his little sister, Polly Spencer, is an anaesthetist. 

Next, he was a BURNING HOT dude in Chicago Fire

Jesse remained stateside but dramatically switched up his fake career as a doctor for a fake career as a fireman. 

He trimmed his hair, got all grown and smouldery, popped his fireman hat/helmet/fascinator on and BOOM, our hearts were throbbing all over again.

I'M BURNING UP. Image: Chicago Fire. 


Jesse played fireman Matthew Casey (who was the captain of the fire department) from 2012 to 2020, and even popped up in some Chicago spin-offs such as Chicago P.D. and Chicago Med.

But in real life, Jesse Spencer just got married.

Switching it up to talk about the actor’s actual life, Jesse made headlines recently after it was announced that the 41-year-old just tied the knot in a semi-secret wedding ceremony!

Jesse Spencer wed his long-term partner, Kali Woodruff (who is a research scientist from Florida), on June 27, 2020.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, Jesse said that the wedding was a rare bright moment in an otherwise crummy year. 

"Despite a spike in COVID, a venue change, a Saharan dust plume, not to mention a torrential thunderstorm, we made it across the line on our wedding day, and I'm a very lucky man. What a silver lining to 2020. She's smart, pretty and way ahead of her years. We're very happy. She is my port in every storm, and we're already excited to be moving on to the next phase of our lives.”

All the best to you, Billy.

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