So, Jessa Duggar had sex in the church she was married in.

We did not see THIS coming…

We reported earlier in the week that Jessa Duggar, 22, and Ben Seewald, 21, stars of the hit reality TV show, 19 Kids and Counting, had tied the knot in their hometown of Arkansas.

Which meant that as Fundamentalist Christian’s they were finally allowed to kiss. Bless.

However, according to one of the couples 2,000 guests, Jessa and Ben did more than just kiss after they were married.

Jesse posted this photo to her instagram after they tied the knot.

One "Mary B." alleges on the blog "My Life As a Stay at Home Wife and Mother" that Jessa's sister Jinger accidentally walked in on Jessa and Ben engaged in sexual intercourse in the wedding church.

The pair of them HAD SEX in the CHURCH.

Mary explains, "Multiple people were discussing that when Jinger opened the door to get Jessa for the reception, she immediately closed the door with a look of shock on her face. A big group of the girls were waiting outside the room to walk with her out…and my own daughters saw as well."

People magazine covered the Duggar wedding. Via

Mary wrote a very distressed reply to her blog post:

"I was very upset when I was told about the incident that was witnessed by [my daughters] when the door to the room [Jessa and Ben] were in was accidentally opened. I am not sure why they would not wait for the evening to pray and then consummate God's marriage.

The Lord has blessed them and brought them together. To hear so many people discussing what they inadvertently walked into was heartbreaking and troubling. Why did this happen? How could this beautiful, joyous day now be forever tainted and destroyed by rumors about what the girls may (or may not have) seen? And if this is true why would they commit such an act in the Lord's home...the same Lord who guided them together. This really made me question Ben's headship and leadership skills. I pray he is not swayed to evil. I pray he acts as strong husband and worship leader to Miss Jessa. I have a terrible, guy feeling. I have tried talking to my husband about this but he has said he will not talk about it until he prays about it and gets an answer from the Lord. This on average takes about 48 hours for him to receive an answer."

Mary thinks that "Ben needs to be a stronger leader and not allow Jessa to be led away by temptation. ... This responsibility lays on the woman, as it's proven that men have a much harder time."

Or maybe Jessa was not a "temptress," but actually just wanted to touch the guy IN SOME WAY that she was in love with.

Just a thought.

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