People are accusing Jessa Duggar of putting her baby's life in danger after seeing this photo.

Oh, to be a new mother.

Sleepless nights, worry filled days, hundreds of people telling you you’re a terrible, irresponsible parent on social media… wait, what?

When Jessa Duggar, of the Duggar clan, posted a picture of her baby on her Instagram account this week there’s no way she could have known what a controversy she’d stir up.

This is the picture, captioned, “Mama Carmen’s coffee shop with my guys”. Can you figure out what’s wrong with it?

@Mama_Carmens coffee shop with my guys ❤️❤️

A photo posted by Jessa Seewald (@jessaseewald) on Mar 28, 2016 at 2:49pm PDT

No, it’s not that her husband Ben Seewald, an adult man, is wearing his baseball cap backwards. It’s that her first-born, bafflingly named Spurgeon, is in danger. Mortal danger.

Look at him. Sitting there in his car seat, blissfully unaware he’s getting his mum into a whole lot of trouble.


“Not suppose to leave a child strapped in there (sic) car seat, too many babies have died that way,” a concerned fan commented on the photo.

There are very real risks associated with leaving babies to sleep in car seats. Their airways may become restricted or they can get tangled in the straps of the chair, both of which can lead to death by asphyxiation.

The thing is though, a child who is properly supervised, as baby Spurgeon is, is safe. Both of his parents are right there. He may not even be asleep.

Something other users were quick to point out, when they leapt to the couple’s defence.

“Babies don’t just spontaneously die because they’re left in their car seats,” one wrote. “Take your sanctimommy (sic) comments elsewhere.”

“Calm down people and just let Jessa be,” another chimed it. “She is doing an excellent job as a first time mom (sic).”

People love to give new mums unsolicited advice. Celebrity new mums? Doubly so.

Whatever your stance on the Duggar family, this picture should be taken for what it is — a snap of a cute baby with a unorthodox name hanging out with his badly-hatted dad.

Still wondering about that name? Watch Jessa and Ben explain it here:

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