Jessica Rowe's daughter didn't love this week's excellent red carpet outfit.

SELL: Jess Rowe loved her Romance Was Born dress. Her eldest daughter wasn’t quite convinced.
SELL: And there was one part in particular that she did’t like.

Dressed in a designer frock and about to head off to a red carpet, Studio 10 Host Jessica Rowe felt fantastic about her outfit.

Her eldest daughter Allegra, 10, wasn’t quite convinced.

“I’m wearing Romance Was Born, I love their stuff,” she told Mamamia on the InStyle Women of Style Awards red carpet.

“But my cheeky eldest daughter went ‘I like the frills but I don’t know if spots and frills go together’, but I was like “Well I think they do!'”

The journalist, who is well known for her highly relatable #CrapHouseWife posts, said the lead up to the exclusive event was a frantic time all parents would know all too well.

“Oh no, it was not glamorous getting ready at all. I made a chicken pie tonight, I was very organised. Hopefully my husband will eat that when he gets home,” she said.


“I mean it was the juggle of getting the girls from school and getting ready, but it’s fun. Tonight is always a special night, it’s one of my favorites to celebrate women and all they do.”

And she does enjoy the fancy events – “you get a chance put on a lovely frock and put on some false eyelashes, it’s lovely.”

Walking the red carpet without a bag, the 46 year old reassured us that she’s not that low-maintenance as to be able to leave the house without anything.

“My darling sister who is my date tonight is holding my bag for me! [In it] I’ve got a pussycat mirror, lipstick, phone and tampons!”

This is why we love her.