The joys of getting older: Jessica Rowe on the reality of developing a 'furry face'.

One of the many joys of getting older is getting a furry face!

For the past couple of years I have noticed a number of stubborn hairs growing on my chin and jawline. Yet again (like adult acne) you can blame these charming hairs on hormones.

Skin expert Ingrid Seaburn says the best way to get rid of those witchy poo hairs is the old fashioned way with a good pair of tweezers. I’m a big fan of this inexpensive hair removal technique. Be sure to have some good light- for me using the rear vision mirror is perfect. (Of course, not while you’re driving.)

Another change you might notice in your ‘maturing skin’ is skin pigmentation. According to Ingrid, over time your skin functions less effectively and it produces melanin in a ‘dysfunctional way’.

So it's not only families that can be dysfunctional (for me family equals dysfunction)! A small part of me delights that our skin can misbehave as we get older.

Glitter eyeliner and eye shadow is my antidote to naughty skin. I love wearing it to weekend school sport...

Okay glitter might not be for you- Ingrid says the best way to deal with skin pigmentation is to wear sunscreen and avoid too much sugar and alcohol (that's not very fun). She is also wary about laser clinics and says, 'there is no way to permanently get rid of skin pigmentation.'

She says that laser might fade your pigmentation and improve it in the short term but it's essential to do your research about the clinic and be careful not to sign up for expensive treatments expecting miracles.

And in my experience I've had laser on my face and it's got rid of the brown splotches but they have come back in the same areas.

This post originally appeared on Crap Housewife and has been republished here with full permission.

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