Jess Rowe says Peter Overton buys her personal hygiene items. Proves he is the ultimate husband.

Not that we needed another reason to love TV power couple Jess Rowe and Peter Overton, but we’ve got one anyway. And it’s possibly the best one yet.

Speaking about her husband on Tuesday morning’s edition of Studio 10, Rowe told the panel that Overton “picks up my anti-depressant medication from the chemist…And tampons sometimes.”

The mother-of-two then said, “I think that’s really nice.”

Jess Rowe and Peter Overton. Source: Instagram.

Ah, yes it is, Jess. Yes, it is.

100 husband brownie points to you, Peter Overton.

"He has no probs," she continued, just further strengthening our belief that Overton is a bad-ass feminist God cloaked in a conservative middle-aged man's blazer.

mother changed the world jessica rowe

Happy for you, Jessica Rowe. Source: Mamamia.

With 12 years of marriage and two happy daughters under their belt, they're secrets to a happy marriage worth listening two.

Speaking about how they met earlier this year, Overton told Fitzy and Wippa that it was Rowe who had pursued him, asking a mutual friend to put them in touch.

"Take Jess out, mate," the friend told Overton at the time.

“I said, ‘Righto, get her to ring me. If she calls in 10 minutes, I’ll take her out.’ So she did,” the 60 Minutes presenter explained.

What's not to love? Source: Instagram

When asked about her smooth moves, Rowe simply said, “I figured I had nothing to lose. I was sick of going out with dropkicks and Pete was the man for me."

All I can say at this point is #relationshipgoals.

Rowe's admission comes a week after fellow television presenter Rebecca Judd outed her husband Chris as her "personal leg shaver, dresser, driver, cook, cleaner, school lunch maker" in a birthday Instagram post.

So serious question: Does anyone know where we can find one of these people? Asking for a friend.

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