Jess Hart reveals her biggest beauty regret.

Like her other Australian model counterpart, Miranda Kerr, Jess Hart hails from regional Australia and kicked off her modelling career via Dolly magazine’s cover girl search.

That was 15 years ago, and the gap-toothed goddess now counts New York as her home. She recently returned home to launch LUMA, her natural makeup line that almost never was. We caught up with the 28-year-old to learn her beauty secrets and make her confess her biggest beauty regret.

On how Luma came about:

“If it wasn’t for my sister Ash, who randomly one day said to me, ‘Why don’t you try a little. Make an effort. Just a little concealer or tinted moisturiser and mascara would go a long way, Jess!’ I don’t think LUMA would ever have been born. In only the way a sister could, Ash got me thinking about something I had, until that point, simply disregarded.

After the initial ‘Did I just hear what I thought I heard?!?’ moment, I went to my bathroom closet, pulled out the countless shoe boxes that  I had ‘collected’ over the years filled with overflowing product, and decided to ‘make an effort’.

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The result was subtle to say the least, but she was right. Not because anyone noticed, but because I felt good. I FELT great! I knew what worked for me, what colours suited my skin tone, what complemented my own features. Walking out of the house that morning, I felt like I had all the confidence in the world  – knowing that with the simple swoosh of a bit of bronzer and the slick of the lip gloss I had made myself look slightly brighter, a little more healthier, definitely less tired, and just generally happier. Since that day, I have wanted to create LUMA – to share that very same feeling with every woman in the world."

On the best trick she's picked up from a makeup artist

"As a model I have spent a lot of time in a makeup chair over the years so I've grown to learn a lot about what works for me and what doesn't. One of the best tips I've learned is how to use illuminator to highlight areas of your face. I apply mine to my brow bones, cheekbones and upper lip. If you're wearing a dress or top that allows it, it's great on your collarbones and a touch on your shoulders, too."

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On her biggest beauty regret

"Neon blue eyeliner – but who knows, one day that might be cool! You have to make the mistake to know that it's a mistake. My advice is to experiment until you know what works for you."

On her five go-to beauty products she uses to get that glow:

"LUMA Illuminating Highlighter, LUMA Tinted Moisturiser with SPF, Paul Frank & Co DUST, Dr Haunschka hand crème and SK-II Facial Treatment Essence."

You can shop Jess's line at Luma Cosmetics or Priceline here