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We now have even more compelling evidence the Married At First Sight couples use Airbnb homes.

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Last week we were fairly convinced the Married At First Sight couples were using Airbnb homes instead of their actual houses. Clues included completely unrealistic properties like a home in Byron Bay belonging to a 27-year-old barista, as well as a confession from a former contestant that he filmed his home visit at at Airbnb.

But after Monday night’s episode, we’re absolutely certain that at least some of these homes don’t actually belong to the people ‘living’ in them.

Fans suspicious of Tamara Joy’s home in the Melbourne suburb of Hoppers Crossing searched Airbnb and managed to find a dead ringer for the property on the site.

Yep. Definitely the same house. Image: 9Now/Airbnb.

Viewers were also unconvinced that Dan Webb's cheating partner Jessika Power could own the two-storey Perth home she took Mick Gould to on an administration officer salary.

The decor just screams holiday home. Image: 9Now.

The 27-year-old also didn't seem to be entirely comfortable as she showed Mick around.


If Airbnb houses were used this season, then according to previous participant Dean Wells, it wouldn't be the first time.

Dean said that the home he took his "wife" Tracey Jewel to wasn't his real home - but there was a good reason.

"The house for my home stay was an Airbnb, as at my real home I had a flatmate that didn't want to be filmed."

Meanwhile, contestant Gabrielle Bartlett apparently also used an Airbnb instead of her own home on the show as her then 'husband' Nasser Sultan complained that her real home was not up to his standards.

And then there's a house being advertised on the site as the home rented for MAFS couple Melissa Walsh and John Robertson on the show.

It's starting to make us wonder if the show's producers shouldn't change the part of the experiment to 'stay at an Airbnb near your family' week.

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