Jesinta Franklin's latest dress takes sleeves to a whole new level.

You don’t need to be a fashion connoisseur to be aware that sleeves are having A Moment.

Whether they’re off the shoulder or flared at the bottom, statement sleeves are popping up on blouses and dresses all over this fine country of ours.

But we just thought you should know, we’ve just spotted the most epic sleeve of them all. Behold:

One sleeve to rule them all. (Image: getty)

Said sleeve was worn by Jesinta Franklin at Wednesday night's InStyle Woman of Style Awards.

Just... look at it!

It's gloriously, audaciously EPIC.

Listen: The fashion research absolutely nobody asked for. (Post continues after audio.)

When a single sleeve can upstage the dress it's attached to, you know you're onto something amazing.

In fact, the saying 'I've got a few tricks up my sleeve' was definitely invented with this dress in mind. Jesinta could definitely have a few snacks stashed inside that shoulder 'pouf' (whatever you call it).

The Aussie model's earrings are also eye-catching, but not quite enough to draw our gaze from that magnificent sleeve. Well played.