Jesinta Campbell wins Snapchat with epic story of a blocked drain.

There’s many things to love about Jesinta Campbell.

From her ability to flawlessly articulate her opinions to her admissions of hiding her undies into her purse during the Logies, the 24-year-old presenter, model and candle entrepreneur has proved herself to be nothing short of a legend time and time again.

And yesterday, Campbell struck again, taking to Snapchat to chronicle the home nightmare of the blocked sink.

“Clogged drain. So glam,” Campbell posted on her first image, followed closely by an image of a much more sinister looking sink, captioned, “I made it worse”.

Work it, own it. Source: JesC Snapchat.

Jesinta, we love you, but that sink seemingly does not. That's a sink full of hate.

Rather than doing what most affluent young professionals would do and call a plumber, Jesinta donned rubber gloves and got stuck in. Because why bloody not?


What even is that? Source: JesC Snapchat.

The next Snapchats show even more hate being spewed from the sink.

"I've literally smelt nothing worse in my life, ever," she says, before ploughing on.

Campbell then pulls out something that appears to be either screws or teeny tiny fish. Turns out they were nuts.

"Oh I think this is my fault," she says, pulling the offending items from the sink hole.

Either way, that sink is really letting its feelings known.

Campbell then heads under the sink to sort things out once and for all.

Behold, the spewing pipe of doom. Source: JesC Snapchat.

Then, because #yeswecan, Campbell pulls apart the pipe releasing a new tsunami of black hate water.

Unfazed, the ever-cool Campbell keeps at it, with the next Snap showing the sink - and pipe - cleared of debris.


"All the women, who independent, throw ur arms up at me" - BEYONCE" the snap read, Campbell holding a thoroughly defeated - and cleared - piece of pipe in her hand.

Lol, nice try pipes. Source: JesC Snapchat.

"Plumbing fixed. Floor washed. Can't find any Beyonce lyrics for this pic #soz," she finally wrote before heading to the couch to chill with her dog.

And just like that, the saga of the sink was over. Defeated by the woman that could.

Here's to you, Jesinta. You really are every woman. May you be sipping on a cool drink and feeling excellent about your achievements in this world right now.

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Video via David Jones