11 things Jesinta Campell does to feel happy, every day

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1. The morning ritual that reminds Jesinta of the tropics:

“Coming into summer, coconut oil is amazing. What I do at the moment is I actually shower with it. So when you have a hot shower, rub it all over your body – the heat opens up your pores and is really nourishing and it gives you this amazing summer glow.

“You can use it for all different things as well; for cooking, as a beauty product, one of those things that’s quite a money saver when you have it because you can use it for so many things.”

2. Her makeup pick-me-up:

“I find highlighters are probably the most versatile item you can have in your makeup bag and the product that can make the most difference. It can lift, it can pop, it can enhance… it can do lots of things.”

“Pop it on the highest part in the arch of the eyebrow, which lifts your eye automatically. You can also put it in the inner corners of your eyes as well – that really makes your eyes pop – and if you’re wearing a red lipstick, pop it on your cupids bow.”

Image via Joico

3. She keeps that body moving:

"I do something everyday. I love to run. Running to me is the best overall body workout you can get. Get out in the outdoors, get some fresh air, get some good vitamin D into you. I always feel great after a run – and I just find it’s great to get your blood pumping.

"I combine that with boxing if I start to get bored with running – I love a boxing session. I've also started pilates, which I love."

"I think it's important to be consistent and change it up, exercise with your girlfriends and find new classes to go to. There’s always something different happening. So if you get bored, work out with people to keep you motivated."

4. She maintains healthy eating habits:

"If you just eat salads that are really healthy and are treating your body really well, then you won’t ever have to get to that point where feel like ‘ohmygod I’ve got to lose five kilos in one week', and turn to silly pills or shakes or dramatic exercise programs.


"What I’ve kind of learned over the years is that you’ve just gotta be balanced and forget the fads."

5. She allows herself a treat:

"I have a piece of chocolate a day. People talk about having a cheat meal once a week and I think, ‘Gosh that’s a long time to wait for a piece of chocolate!'

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6. She loves a smoothie:

"I pack them full of kale, avocado, coconut water, a banana, berries and even nuts in there.

"Don’t substitute a meal with a smoothie, I don’t think that’s really good either. Just keep it really balanced."

7. Getting outdoors is important to her:

"The thing about summer is obviously the sunshine. It's is so good for your mental health – all that vitamin D in your system.

"Being outdoors is important, get out in the sunshine and enjoy it. I love the fresh air."

8. She believes in 'me' time:

"Be a little bit selfish every now and then. Go get a massage, get a facial, go get your nails done, whatever it is, make sure you set aside some you time.

"Even if you just go out and sit under a tree in the park for an hour and switch your phone off and read a book. Make sure you create that special time for yourself."

9. Loving what you've got:

"I think the thing is you’ve just got to embrace and love your heart. We give ourselves such a hard time and the media doesn’t help either. We just have to focus on being the best we can be and if that means that’s a size 12 or 16, or a 4 or a 6, just be the best healthiest, happiest version of you.

"It’s hard, every woman struggles with that. But just love what you’ve got and go an flaunt it on the beach too! Don’t hide it away – Just be confident. It's all about self love."

10. When in doubt, she puts on a red lip:

"Well the one thing that always makes me feel glamorous is red lipstick – if you wanna go and feel instantly glamorous, take your look to the next level – say you’ve been at work all day and wanna go out of a night time and wanna spruce it up a little bit, put a red lip on or bright pink or orange – there’s so many amazing shades, so that’s the one thing that I really love to do that makes me feel instantly glamorous.

11. She stays hydrated:

"I think it's important to keep your water intake up –  especially if you’re spending lots of time outdoors and exercising – because if you get dehydrated, its ageing. Keeping really hydrated is good for your skin and really flushes your system out. I carry a big 1L bottle everywhere I go."

Jesinta Campbell the is face of The Joico Turning Heads campaign, which seeks to connect the glamorous industries of fashion & beauty with charitable foundations. 

How do you stay happy?