Jesinta Campbell just mastered the "lived-in" hair trend.

The feeling of freshly dyed and styled hair from the hairdresser is one of the best. The thought of having to return monthly or even every six weeks for touch ups? Not so much.

This is exactly why Jesinta Campbell‘s latest hair update has us particularly excited.

Say hello to “lived-in” colour.

  “Jesinta was all over brown [so] the aim was to create texture and lightness,” wrote the creator, Valonz Haircutters head colourist Ash Croker.


“I created this look by using babylights and heavy balayage. [It’s a] low maintenance way of lightening hair without locking yourself into a six week regrowth.”

The final result is glossy and bright, with lighter highlights framing the face. A high maintenance look with low maintenance care? Count us in. Ask Bossy: How do you break up with your hairdresser? Post continues after video.

The best part of Jesinta’s ‘do? She can leave it for up to six months before needing to colour it again. Goodbye regrowth.
The trend first originated last year when LA hairstylist Johnny Ramirez and his team at the Ramirez-Tran Salon used a blurring technique to apply a colour halfway between blonde and brown which creates a waterfall effect.
It’s earned Ramirez a cult Hollywood following, counting Jessica Alba among his fans.
According to Kristina Russell of Edwards and Co, the trick is to stay within a colour scheme that’s not dissimilar from your natural base.
“The secret to long-lasting tones is to ask your colourist to lift only one to three shades lighter than your natural base. In the salon, we create subtle variations in tone with freehand hair-painting or classic foiling techniques,” explains Kristina Russell of Edwards and Co. (Post continues after gallery.)


 “It does look similar to subtle balayage or the trending tortoiseshell tones, however it’s important to remember that if the ends of the hair are the lightest blonde, they will require regular toning and professional in-salon treatments every two months.”

There is a catch to such long-lasting colour – be prepared to block out around six hours of your day to allow your stylist to work their hair magic.


It’s the perfect  option for women who are on a budget, lead a busy lifestyle, or have limited pampering time.

“The six month hair colour is something we regularly suggest to new Mums and recommend for busy clients and anyone who needs to look ‘effortlessly chic’,” says Russell.

Nice one, Campbell.

Image: Instagram/@jesintacampbell.

Have you tried “lived-in” colour?