Blue Heelers and Neighbours actor sentenced to almost two years in jail.

Having plead guilty to 19 counts of child sex abuse, Australian actor Jeremy Kewley has been sentenced to 23 months in prison and a three year community correction order.

Appearing in the Victorian County Court on Tuesday, the former Neighbours actor plead guilty to sexually abusing 16 children aged between nine and 14 years old over a 22 year period.

Jeremy Kewley. Image via Getty. 

The charges against the 55-year-old included indecent assault, making and possessing child pornography and indecent acts with children under the age of 16.

According to court records, the majority of Kewley's crimes were committed in 2011, when the Underbelly actor lured children to his Brighton home for what they believed was a screen test for a low-budget film.

Kewley (centre) played Des Moran in Underbelly. Source: Channel 9.

Upon arrival, Kewley would allegedly ask the parents of the boys to wait downstairs, while the young men were escorted upstairs to where he had a camera set up and would have them change into lycra costumes.

The court heard that once in costume, Kewley would then touch the victims inappropriately and pretend to strangle the boys, wrestle with them, and kiss them in front of the camera.


The film was said to be about a father who kills his sons.

Jeremy Kewley with actor Ditch Davey on the set of Blue Heelers. Source: Southern Star Entertainment.

Nine News report that sentencing Judge Dunan Allen told the court, "These are shocking breaches of trust."

Calling Kewley's acts as "abhorrent, disgusting and repulsive," Allen continued, telling the actor that his actions had left his victims traumatised and uncertain about their future. "Many of your victims also had ambitions to act - their ambitions were dashed as a result of your horrible conduct.

"Children are vulnerable and dependent upon adults. They are particularly dependent upon the adults into whose trust they have been placed."

Kewley (top right) with his Stingers co-stars. Source: Channel 9.

Allen also addressed the fact that Kewley had implicated parents in his actions, "Several of these mothers ... carry the knowledge they were innocently involved in your offending.

"It is a shocking burden for them to carry, and they shouldn't have to carry it."

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