"This is so inappropriate!" People are furious with this actress's pregnancy selfie.

Jenny Mollen isn’t typically a private person. The comedian shares the nitty gritty details of her life with husband and fellow actor Jason Biggs in ‘I Like You Just The Way I Am’ – a hilarious TV adaption of her best-selling memoir.

So it was no surprise to her fans that Mollen, who is pregnant with her second child, would choose an in-shower selfie of her and her son Sid as the first snap of her baby bump to share on Instagram.

While most followers were supportive of the US actress, offering her congratulations and compliments, others just couldn’t get over her naked body – or the fact that she’d she’d let her three-year-old see it.

Ah, the joys of expecting… #motherhood ????????????⛓????????

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“Why are you naked in front of your kid? He’s going to be scared (sic) for life now,” commented one Instagram user.

“Does your little one point and stare as well?! NOTHING IS SACRED!!” wrote another.

Other commenters, however, weren’t so much concerned with her shared shower, but the reason she posted a photo of it.

“I loved your page…but this is so inappropriate!! But I guess anything goes in this world. There are somethings (sic) that just don’t need to be posted on social media,” wrote one.

And another less eloquently asked, “Why the f**k would u share something like this??? is nothing sacret (sic) anymore…”

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Thankfully outweighing the negative commenters were messages of support from fans reassuring the 37-year-old her parenting choice was perfect.

“Maybe if more kids saw their moms’ bodies as something they aren’t ashamed of, they would grow up not to be ashamed of their own bodies and wouldn’t make others feel ashamed of theirs. Keep on!”

“I bathe with my daughter and this is so normal.”

Another pointed out: “I’m sure you’re also taking comfort in seeing that 100% of your haters made spelling or grammatical errors. Cheers!”

And who has time for bad spellers, really? Congratulations to the Biggs-Mollen family.

Do you shower with your kids?