Jenny McCarthy thinks she could have caught HIV from Charlie Sheen from working with him.

Wrong again, Jenny.

Jenny McCarthy has proven herself to be a bit of a numpty in the past and she’s just done it again in a major way.

The anti-vaxxer who also acts was a guest star on Two and a Half Men when Charlie Sheen was the star of the show. She’s indignant that he did not disclose his HIV status to her.

McCarthy discussed Sheen’s recent revelation on her radio show Dirty, Sexy, Funny on SiriusFM.

“Before we do a job we have to sign a piece of paper that says, ‘Do you have cold sores?’ You have to sign a release that says, ‘Yes I have cold sores;’ you need show the medication,” she told listeners.

“Now being on Two and a Half Men myself, I feel like in playing a love interest, you would think there would be some type of, I don’t want to say criminal issue, but I don’t even know how to feel about that,” she said.

“If I have to be upfront about a herpe how could you not be upfront about HIV?” she said.

A herpe?

Watch Jenny McCarthy and Charlie Sheen together Two and a Half Men… Post continues after video.


“I look back and I’m like, ‘OK, that would have been some valuable information.’ I mean look how many people have played his love interest on the show.”

Farbeit for me to claim intimate knowledge of the show, but as far as I am aware, full sex wasn’t a contract requirement for McCarthy. I’m fairly confident she wasn’t compelled to share needles with Sheen either.

Now again, I’ve never seen Two and a Half Men since even commercials for it induce dry-retching (it must be an allergy thing), but as Sheen’s love interest in the show for eight episodes, McCarthy presumably kissed Sheen.

As most people know, HIV is not transmissible through saliva. Herpes is, but HIV is not. McCarthy herself acknowledges that, but doesn’t seem to quite believe it.

“I go, like, ick, ugh, that’s not fair and scary,” she said.

McCarthy with her son Evan, whose autism, she says, was caused by vaccinations. Image via Instagram.

This is the kind of misinformed opinion McCarthy is known for, and she’s got quite the platform to spout it from.

No one’s saying that Charlie Sheen’s the best guy ever, but his admission that he has HIV concerns people he had sexual contact with, not actors that he kissed a few times on TV. Not Jenny McCarthy.

Sheen’s manager has responded to McCarthy, saying that Sheen had no obligation to inform her about his HIV status — not because it’s none of her business, but because he was not HIV positive when they worked together.

“Charlie was infected long after he left Two and a Half Men and long after he worked with Jenny,” Mark Burg told People.