Jennifer Lopez's selfie parenting technique is one for every working mother.

Image: Instagram (@jlo)

She may be an international and award-winning singer and actress (although she’ll always be Jenny from The Block to us) but Jennifer Lopez has many of the same worries as any working mum.

With a career that takes her and her family all over the world, J-Lo’s irregular schedule is often at odds with available time to spend with her seven-year-old twins Max and Emme – which has forced the singer to come up with a frankly genius solution.

In an interview with In Style, the 46-year-old revealed that if she gets home after the children have fallen asleep, she’ll take a selfie by their bed to show them the next day “so they know [I] was there”.

Yes, turns out a selfie can be meaningful after all.

While uploading the photo to social media is entirely optional, it’s a great way to show your children you’re there and you care – and collect some hilarious snaps of them sleeping to bring out and embarrass them at milestone birthdays.

According to Lopez, the twins also have a role to play when it comes to bedtime.

“I am busy, and they know it,” she said.

Image: Instagram (@jlo)

"They know part of their job is helping me get sleep. If I'm sleeping in, they're very quiet, like, 'Mummy needs to sleep! She worked late last night!' We're a team."

That's not the only leaf we'll be taking out of the book of J-Lo.

As someone under constant scrutiny over her relationships, the Booty singer has some words of wisdom when it comes to teaching her children about love. (Post continues after gallery.)

"As girls, I think we are taught from a very young age that someone else is going to bring us our happiness," she said.

"I was waiting for Prince Charming. Everybody I met was going to be the guy I was going to spend my life with. And then you realise, 'I'm strong, I'm my own keeper, my own saviour'. That's been the journey for me."


What's your best parenting trick?

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