Jennifer Lopez won't budge on her one strict parenting rule.

We’re cheering over here.

Celebrities, like the rest of us, know when to lay down ground rules for their kids. And Jennifer Lopez has one strict rule that she isn’t budging on. It’s kind of old school but we are cheering along with the A-list mumma.

The Jenny from the Block singer is keeping her kids grounded, even though their mum is one of the most famous women in Hollywood.

Her rule looks a little something like this…(and it’s called ‘Sunday Funday’)

Sunday Funday in JLo's house. Image via @jlo Instagram.

 E!Online spoke to the singer and actress on the American Idol red carpet this week to find out what the exact meaning was behind this 'Sunday Funday' idea.

Lopez said that on Sunday's the family enjoy late breakfasts, sleep ins and screentime.

"They work towards that because they don't get to use their iPads during the week...or play video games or anything because it's school time," she told E!Online.

Her kids, Emme and Maximilian are 6 years old and the twins' mum says that during the week they have to be good in school, so there's no technology or screen time until Sunday rolls around. Then it's time to have some fun on their devices.

Jennifer Lopez explained Sunday Funday on the American Idol red carpet. Image via @jlo Instagram.

"It's something I made up so they could work towards it and behave," Lopez told the entertainment publication.

It seems that Lopez's kids are no different to the rest of their generation. The celebrity mum admitted that her children want to be on their devices all the time (sound familiar?)

"They get to play with it as much as they want that day, and I get to lay down," she told E!Online. "But you know, I try to regulate it and then on Sunday, I let them go and I take a nap while they're doing it."

We're totally on board with this one Lopez. Kids need to have their screen time monitored and limited, but hey why not chuck in some relaxing time for everyone on Sunday?

Sounds like the perfect fun day to us.

What do you think of the limited screen time?

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