Celeb news: Jennifer Lawrence finally in trouble for saying something stupid.

This is difficult news to report. It may affect your opinion of the otherwise glorious Jennifer Lawrence.

23-year-old J-Law always says stupid things without thinking. It’s her thing. Usually it’s harmless, food-related, or goofy.

This time? Not so much with the guileless innocence. Ms Lawrence has been overheard making light of rape at a Cannes Film Festival event in France.

Apparently, this is how it went down.

Jennifer Lawrence saw Gravity director Alfonso Cuaron in a crowd. She caught his eye, ran at him, cuddle-tackled him with her arms on his shoulders, and screamed “Ahhh!” When he turned to greet her, she said: “I broke out my rape scream for you!”

It was probably meant to be a private moment, but it wasn’t. Paparazzi were everywhere, and a lot of people have been on Jennifer Lawrence Fuck Up patrol.

This from journalist Maitri Mehta sums up the internet’s reaction to news J-Law made light of a subject like rape:

“Lawrence is painted as the goofy girl next door that everyone wants to be best friends with, but would you really want to befriend someone that describes excitement as a ‘rape scream?’ It might seem like a joke to Lawrence, but rape is never an acceptable topic to joke about — especially for a star in a young adult franchise that so many young girls look up to.”

What do you think?

Is this the thoughtless comment that will finally break Jennifer’s invincible popularity?

Flick through all the awesome things she’s said before, and decide…


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