A director has admitted to reading Jennifer Lawrence's diary, without her permission.

Ah, just like that it’s another day and another man in Hollywood is bragging about his creepy behaviour towards a younger woman. This time, it’s retired film director Uwe Boll telling Vanity Fair about that one time he thought it would be a cool idea to read the childhood diary of screen legend Jennifer Lawrence.

“You should actually write that in the article,” Boll told Vanity Fair in a feature published earlier this week, adding “She doesn’t know it.”

jennifer lawrence diary
Jennifer Lawrence. Source: Getty.

Yeah, cool one, Boll. Reading the close and intimate thoughts of a child moving into adulthood when you're a fully grown man is a reasonable and completely non-asshole thing to do. Right on.

I'm joking, clearly. It's the worst.

According to the now retired director, he stumbled upon a then-teenage Lawrence's diary when he rented a room from her parents. And rather than acknowledge how awkward and shame-inducing one's coming of age is and leaving the diary alone, he instead decided to take a seat and read the entire thing cover to cover.

What was in it, the 51-year-old didn't say, but either way, it's not cool and we feel for Lawrence and all of the Mrs Jennifer insert-literally-any-boys-surnames-here scribblings that were undoubtedly throughout.


Oh, and if you're scratching your head and wondering who the hell Uwe Boll is, don't worry, you are not alone.

The now restaurant manager's resume includes little-known films like Assault on Wall Street and Capital Punishment and he is affectionately known throughout Tinseltown as "the world's worst director."

But hey, he'll always have the memories of a teenage girl's diary, right?