When Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence met for the first time, things didn't go to plan.

They are two of our dream celebrity ‘best friends’.

Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone each possess just the right mix of humour and power and clumsiness and ambition that we feel as if we know them. Could talk to them. Would definitely be maid of honour at their weddings. Etc. Etc.

Both are known for keeping things real – Stone called out her boyfriend in a press conference for labelling sewing ‘feminine’ and Lawrence gave a room full of journalists the finger after winning the Oscar for Best Actress because she is all of us when we’ve had too much to drink.

So when the pair meet on a red carpet – like they did at the Toronto International Film Festival over the weekend – we were all expecting the sun to explode:

Lawrence might fall over.

Stone will give us a wink.

Something brash or funny or unexpected is bound to happen.

Except it didn’t. The pair met and it was so awkward that the video from Variety has gone viral for all the wrong reasons.


Lawrence went in for the hug. Stone wasn’t having any of it. There’s a cringe-worthy too-and-fro before Lawrence is rushed away. And the crowd looks awkwardly on.

We’ve all been there. The expectation and anticipation of seeing someone you haven’t seen in ages – maybe a fast friend who you want to be besties with; maybe someone who you’ve heard a lot about and all of a sudden you’re shy – it always ends with you asking yourself ‘did that really happen? Tell me that didn’t just happen’.

One thing remains true, however:

As our two ‘celeb besties’ met on the red carpet they proved, once again, that the rest of us would feel extremely natural and at home if we were ever asked to take part in their bridal party. They really are all of us.

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