Are Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin dating?

Could these two beautiful people be about to start staring into the distance in front of blue backgrounds together?!

Stop the presses!

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin are dating.

Maybe. Kind of. According to E! News, which is one step up from ‘according to TMZ’, no?

E! News is reporting that “multiple sources” have confirmed the romance between 24-year-old Lawrence and 37-year-old Martin. Lawrence was also spotted at an after party for a Coldplay gig in London last month.

The rumours come amongst reports that Martin’s ex- Gwyneth Paltrow has started a relationship with Brad Falchuk, who was one of the creators of Glee.

If it’s true, Martin might just be in for a bit of a shock after living in Paltrow’s world of raw cacao and quinoa.

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