Jen Hawkins is in a public dispute with her neighbour and we can't look away.

Jennifer Hawkins has managed to p*ss off her neighbour without, well, really doing anything at all.

Keen property developers Hawkins and her builder husband Jake Wall bought their Avalon house in 2014 and have spent the last almost four years designing, building and decorating their bay-viewed mansion. They moved in three months ago.

Their neighbour, Jan Murray is not happy. Jan is NOT HAPPY. Not happy, Jan.

How do we know this? She wrote a post on Facebook that has since been picked up by the Daily Mail.

And technically she’s not even really their neighbour, rather she lives in a house that faces opposite Hawkins’… ACROSS THE BAY.

“The picture below is taken from Jennifer Hawkins’ new home. Sorry, but I am not as thrilled as Ms Hawkins. The edifice is a blight on the landscape. I should know; I live directly across the bay from her excessively obscene self-indulgent home,” she wrote.

Wrapped early! ☺️ Home to ma man! @jakewwall

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“I look and weep every day.”

The real issue? Hawkins’ has too many lights.

“But night times are worse. That’s when every light in the place is switched on, and the glow is enough to light up the whole of the Pittwater! How ever Council allowed her to destroy so many trees to build the monstrosity escapes me. It has scarred the hillside,” she continued.

Murray saved her most brutal line until the very end of her online rant.

Sneak peak. Stage one of the external screens has begun. #newport

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“More cash than panache, I’d suggest! For godsakes turn off those lights, Ms Hawkins!”

Well. Ouch.

Murray, who was once married to Hawke cabinet minister John Brown, didn’t stop there.

She told the Daily Mail the house was an “ugly blot which screams ‘look at me, look at me, look at me’.”

???? #jgroupprojects

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In case you didn’t realise, Jan is NOT happy.

Moving right along, everybody…