Jen Hawkins shared a snap of her Melbourne Cup dress hours early. And we think we know why.

Video by Mamamia

Over the weekend, something terrible happened.

Two people DARED to have excellent taste in fashion and wore the same Jonathan Simkhai dress to Derby Day, an event attended by thousands.

It might have gone unnoticed had one of those people not been Myer ambassador and former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins.

Myer Marquee w this beauty @becjudd ????☺️ Fun day! Thnx @myer xx

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Her twin for the day, Channel Seven racing journalist Francesca Cumani, joked about the mix up but headlines quickly surfaced about the simple mix up fashion DISASTER.



But Jennifer Hawkins may have employed a simple tactic today for Melbourne cup to ensure there was no repeat of the, erm, outfit repeat.

The model posted a photo (albeit) in black and white of her full skirted Alex Perry dress she’d be wearing that day early this morning.

Was it perhaps staking her claim on the dress?

Of course there are plenty of other explanations. Maybe she was just excited and eager to showcase the gown she’d get to wear at the races, or as with most special events had been up since the crack of dawn getting ready. You decide.

CUP DAY!! Um, a tad windy! I tried to keep it together! @myer ☺️???? (Outfit tagged- thank you!!)

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Either way, so far, so clear on the double up.

Just quietly, Cumani’s Melbourne Cup outfit was also a winner, dressed head to toe in red.

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