There's something quite peculiar about the outfit Jennifer Hawkins wore to the polo.

Jennifer Hawkins simply wanted to spend a day at the polo; drinking champagne and chatting with her friends.

She got to do that.

But unfortunately, the model and businesswoman also seemed to have drawn the eagle eye of fashionistas for her outfit.

Sitting down with her friend, Bec Judd, she looks quite stunning (as always):

Polo vibes today ????????☺️ @landroveraus #landroverpolo

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The powdery blue dress, flawless make-up, and brimmed hat looked spec-tac-u-lar.

It’s just when Hawkins stands up that things get a little messy.

Take a look for yourself:

jennifer hawkins jumpsuit
That looks familiar...Image via Getty.

Let's just zoom in a little bit:

jennifer hawkins jumpsuit
Oh. Image via Getty.

Hmmm, yes.


In times like this, I have to think: SURELY.

Surely, you stood in front of the floor-length mirror and said, "But, [insert designer name] it looks just a tad like a vagina, doesn't it?"

Maybe that designer will turn around and say, "Never! It's just like a blooming flower!"

But you know all along that a blooming flower can be mistaken for another thing.

Or maybe, she just wanted a dress that looked exactly like that and dammit if it looks like a vagina, then Hawkins doesn't care.

Either way, she certainly looked like she had a swell time and drew people's attention.

Take a look at what everyone else was wearing: