Jennifer Hawkins and Megan Gale set the record straight on their long-standing rivalry.


Let me set the scene.

On one side we have Jennifer Hawkins: Miss Universe in 2004, international model, brand ambassador for Myer, entrepreneur, and business owner.

On the other end of the ring, there’s Megan Gale: world famous model, former brand ambassador for David Jones, the face of a number of charities, and business owner.

They’re both Australian women who have won hearts across the globe and both working in the same industry.

What does this mean?

They MUST be fierce rivals.

Each night, as they place their delicate faces against their silky pillows, the two plot their evil schemes to undo the other.

jennifer hawkins and megan gale

I've got you two figured out. (Image via Getty.)

"Maybe, I'll fill her fake tan with red food colouring," Gale thinks as she poses her hands in that mastermind type of way.


Kind of like this:


Hawkins considers drawing devil ears and moustaches over all of Gale's L'Oreal Paris campaigns.

I'm basically a psychic to their inner thoughts, right?


The two women, who by the way aren't just models but highly successful in their respective business ventures, have put to bed any rumours they weren't fond of each other.

Appearing on the front cover of Marie Claire magazine together, Gale confirmed in the interview that evil schemes (such as those above) never happened.

"It [a rivalry] never existed," Gale confirmed. "It was a fallacy.

"It drew attention to the stores [David Jones and Myer respectively], the brands, so ultimately you understand it."

Scroll through to see some completely wonderful photos of the two. (Post continues after gallery.)

Hawkins also completely backs up Gale.

"It's quite fitting, now that we're doing a show together," Hawkins said in the interview. "We don't [hate each other]. Get over it."

The women are now filming Australia's Top Model, with Gale featuring in the series and Hawkins returning as a host and judge.

Watch a recap for the 2015 Australia's Next Top Model season. (Post continues after video.)

Video via Shine Australia

Marie Claire goes on sale this Thursday. So, from then on all those rumours can be put to rest.