The celebrity dating rumour we really, really want to be true.

Inappropriate question: If you could choose any man alive for Jennifer Garner, who would you choose?

No, you don’t know Jen Garner, and neither do we, but that is not going to stop us playing a satisfying game of Celebrity Matchmaker.

Nor does it stop the tabloid press, who have spun the bottle to come up with possibly the most perfect suggestion for the man to help Garner get over that whole recent divorce situation.

And here he is:

Yes. McDreamy, aka real-life human Patrick Dempsey, is totally Jennifer Garner’s rebound guy, according to the US edition of OK! Magazine.

Now, there is a high-probability that this isn’t true. But for a moment, indulge us, and indulge the good people at OK!, because it’s the holidays, and we want to believe.

Apparently, Jen and Patrick have been mates since they starred in that truly horrendous romantic masterpiece Valentine’s Day, back in 2010. And, according to the gossip gods, when Jen and Ben Affleck’s marriage broke down early this year after being together for 10 years, and Patrick’s 15-year marriage to Jillian Fink ended a little later, Jen called Doctor Patrick up for a coffee to catch up to, you know, compare notes.

Yes, every day is exactly like this in the world where Jen and Patrick are dating.

Yes, yes, the idea of two Hollywood megastars sitting in Starbucks weeping into their lattes sounds a little far-fetched to us, too, but OK! have SOURCES, people. Sources who say that Patrick has been off filming Bridget Jones’ Baby in London, and he and Jen have been sexy-Skyping and texting like crazy for months.

Which would be awkward, because Garner is still living with her ex, Affleck, with their three small kids in their Hollywood home.

But still, please, let it be true.

We want happiness for our girl Jen, and what could be happier than a McDreamy start to 2016?

See what we did there?

In case you need reminding, here is just one example of Jennifer Garner being Tremendous.

Video via Warner Bros.

Do you believe Jen and Patrick are a couple?