Jennifer Aniston is guilty of the same naughty hair crime we all are.

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It’s the lie almost all of us have told at the salon.

“Oh, no,” we say emphatically, as our hairdresser surveys some tragically jagged home styling. “Of course I haven’t been trimming my split ends/fringe/layers at home. As if I would ever do that.”

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The truth is, I’m willing to bet most of us are guilty of taking to our hair with the kitchen scissors (or, um… nail scissors? Just me?) between salon visits, at least once. And not necessarily under the influence of wine.

Well, now we can all feel vindicated about this naughty behaviour, because Jennifer Aniston has been there too. Admittedly, it was before she met her long-time stylist and pal Chris McMillan — you know, the one she poses topless with — but it still counts.

Jennifer Aniston and Chris McMillan

"In my twenties I used to cut my own split ends. I kept a pair of eyebrow scissors in my car, and whenever I was stuck in traffic or at lights I would get them out and start cutting," the Friends alumnus and owner of perenially great hair tells The Telegraph.

"When Chris started doing my hair he said, "No wonder your hair is a pile of Brillo, it's horrible." I don't do that any more. Now I have a habit of twirling my hair."

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You're in good company, Jenny. Fellow A-listers Beyonce, Kate Moss and Dame Helen Mirren — yep, a Dame — have all admitted to cutting their own hair.

You can't help but wonder whether Aniston has also trimmed fiance Justin Theroux's hair at home. We have photographic evidence that model Behati Prinsloo has hacked away at husband Adam Levine's coiff, so it's possible. (Post continues after gallery.)


That wasn't the only interesting tidbit Aniston revealed in her interview. The 46-year-old also admitted she thinks updos look "too mantronly" on her, and that she found 'The Rachel' — you know, that unforgettable, heavily layered 'do McMillan gave her in the nineties — both cringey and painfully high-maintenance.

"I had to see him every six weeks to keep this darn thing up... because it was a 'hairdo'. It was a pain in the butt, to be honest, one of the hardest hairstyles to maintain, unless Chris did it," she says.

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"I've got very thick, full hair so it would take on a shape of its own that I didn't always want. I don't think I looked very good with it."

Ha! Tell that to the thousands of women who rocked up to their local salons eagerly clutching a still from Friends, and begging their stylists to recreate the damn thing.

You know you wanted this hair.

Although the actress has worn her hair in basically the same (lovely) style since those Rachel layers grew out, her look hasn't always been so consistent. Like the rest of us, Aniston has lived through some hairy highs and lows.

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"I chuckle when I hear people say I have great hair, because when I was a kid it was horrible. It was big and frizzy, thick and unmanageable - down to my butt with bangs. I remember going to Vidal Sassoon when I was about 13. I took a picture of the actress Valerie Bertinelli with me and asked the hairdresser for that style. I came out with a mullet - my first real hair trauma," she recalls.

"In my teens I would dye my hair crazy colours like boysenberry. I cut it really short and for a while kept it shaved at the sides and long on top." (Post continues after gallery.)


Let's just pause for a second and try to imagine that... nope, I just can't.

Aniston also spoke about the importance of regular exercise — she aims to do something active for at least 20 to 30 minutes every day, and likes to mix it up. Recently, the Cake star's trainer Kathy Kaehler said one of her preferred workouts takes just five minutes (you can get the full rundown here).

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"If I don't exercise, it affects my mood. I do a lot of yoga, and some days I will go for a hike. I also do interval training, circuit training, weight training and running... It's good to keep your body surprised. I like to get my blood pumping. If you do that and follow a healthy diet, you'll be pretty good," Aniston tells The Telegraph.

That doesn't sound too scary, does it?

Have you ever cut your own hair? How did that work out for you?


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